Home Remedies that Actually Work

With the world becoming more organic on a daily basis, less people are relying on traditional over the counter medications and trying their own at-home holistic remedies. The main problem is that a lot of the formulas that you find online may not help to cure your ailment. Here is a list of the top home remedies that have been proven to actually work for common ailments.

Cherries for Sleep

If you’re the type of person that enjoys traveling or if you’re just not getting enough sleep at night, there’s no need to turn to sleep medications to regulate your patterns. Melatonin, a hormone that helps to regulate your sleep at night, is found in cherries. By eating a handful of the fruits, you’ll have a more peaceful sleep at night.

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Peppermint for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

We all know peppermint is a great ingredient to cure bad breath, but it can also help to ease discomfort from IBS. By drinking peppermint tea, you’ll be putting antispasmodic properties into your system that are specially designed to relax your intestines.

Licorice for Cold Sores

There are a variety of topical agents that you can use on your cold sores, but licorice can be just as effective at speeding up the recovery process. You will need to find 100% pure licorice, not the candy that you find at the grocery store. By taking a small piece and applying it to the cold sore for about 30 seconds, you’ll be on your way to healing much faster.

Mouthwash for Lice

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Most of us have gone through trying to get lice out of our child’s hair, but instead of spending money on the medical shampoos, you can try using mouthwash as well. The alcohol content in the mixture is what will help to kill the lice and the soothing mint is essential for numbing itchiness. All you will have to do is pour it onto the head, cover it with a shower cap, and allow the mouthwash to sit for about 2 hours. Ensure that you do not get any in your eyes.

Teabags for Eye Bags

We all know what it’s like to wake up after a restless night’s sleep and look like we haven’t slept in years. The age old remedy of using teabags for your puffy eyes works phenomenally for men and women of all ages. You’ll have to find black, green, red, or white tea, steep them in lukewarm water and apply them to the affected area. The tannins inside of the tea will help to shrink the inflamed skin around your eyes.